Do One Thing Daily for your Future Health!

Hi! I'm Shirlí,
I provide wellness solutions for individuals, groups and businesses
in person & online

I am a certified yoga and breath coach – my teachings are science based and delivered in a relaxed, easy-going and fun manner.  

I am very passionate about helping others through stressful life events and in particular navigating IVF and recovery from Physical Injury as these are my lived experiences and I have developed coping skills for both.

My core message is to practice just one thing daily that your future self will thank you for. That one thing could be a run, a yoga session, a healthy meal or a meditation.

One thing practiced consistently becomes a habit and your habits create your future.

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  • Access to the Wellness Library
    100s of Video Classes for Yoga, Breating, Meditation, nutrition & more
  • Access to all Online Yoga Programs
    these are programs available for purchase but are FREE with your subscription
  • new content regularly added
    To each category, Move, Pause, Nourish & Enlighten
  • Q&A with Shirlí via WhatsApp/Instagram/FB messaging
    If you have anything you are unsure of just get in touch. i answer all queries personally, no robots here!!
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I have poured my 15+ years of yoga experience into my programs along with my lived experience and of course my love and wish for you to feel the many health benefits that your program will bring.
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    12 Day Breathing Program

    Yoga breathing exercises are an extremely powerful way to change your nervous …
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    6 week Break Free Program

    A 6 week online program to help you break your addiction to …
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    Beginners Yoga Program

    This 6 week program, shares my love of yoga with complete beginners. …
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    Evening Yoga Program

    This will help you unwind from your day and prepare you for …
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    Morning Yoga Program

    This program consists of 10 classes, varying in duration from …
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    Office Chair Program

    This whole program is done sitting in a chair, ideal for taking …

VitalityVibe Monthly Challenges

My challenges are targeted to a specific area/topic and I coach you daily throughout the duration of the challenge.

After you complete a challenge the content is yours to keep.  You have unlimited access.

Challenges are available to purchase at anytime, you can complete them with me on specific dates or do them in your own time.

Yoga with Shirlí

Shirlí teaches online and in person, runs monthly yoga for sleep sessions, 1-1 sessions and outdoor beach yoga.

Corporate Wellness

Private sessions in your workplace customised for your business – yoga, mindfulness, stress management.

“Shirli is a truly special teacher. Her knowledge extends way beyond yoga into nutrition and overall wellbeing. She inspires confidence and trust, always with a smile. Her workshops and classes are fun and enlightening. As a speaker she is authentic and confident. I trust her completely and would highly recommend her.”

Dr Patricia McParland, Positive Living Network, Newry

About Shirlí

I became a certified yoga instructor in 2012 and established Shirlí Yoga. In 2013 I had a car accident that resulted in multiple injuries, the most significant a traumatic brain injury and a break in the C5 vertebrae in my neck.

This accident became my greatest teacher.  I always used exercise and keeping busy as a way to cope with my emotions – but when you’re in a brace from your forehead to your waist, well it encourages you to learn new ways of dealing with your emotions! 

At the time my mind was very much in control, so much so that my GP suggested starting on anti-depressants.  But being the stubborn gal that I am I just knew there had to be another solution.  And so I took courses in Meditation, Mindfulness and Breathwork and I learned how to understand my mind, how to identify the stories I was telling myself and how my emotions were simply ‘energy in motion’ that could be influenced through my daily habits.

This knowledge really stood to me during the next big hurdle in my life – 4 miscarriages and 3 rounds of IVF.  My fertility journey has been long and difficult but I feel blessed to have the tools that I do to help when I need them most. 

I created Vitality Vibe so I could share these tools with you.


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