6th February 2023

21 Day’s to DOUBLE your flexibility

15 minutes per day


Would you like to double your flexibility in 2023?

If You Have 15 Minutes Per Day, I Can DOUBLE Your Flexibility in the Next 21 Days…

How this program works?

⦁ Commit to 15 minutes of stretching per day

⦁ Use your Phone, laptop or tablet

⦁ Stretch at a time that suits you best

⦁ 21 days

⦁ Guided videos

⦁ Modifications for all abilities

⦁ Each day focused on a specific target area

⦁ 3 live Q&A sessions with me

⦁ Unlimited questions with me via Instagram for 21 days

⦁ Lifetime access to the program

Your 7-Day Schedule

We will Cycle Through this Routine Each Week

DAY 1: Hamstrings

DAY 2: Hips

DAY 3: Back

DAY 4: Shoulders

DAY 5: Neck / Wrists / Ankles

DAY 6: Full Body

DAY 7: Full Body

Top Benefits You’ll Experience

Reverse Aging

Do you feel that your body is aging too fast? Do you suffer from tight hamstrings, locked-up hips, a painful lower back, or restricted shoulder movements?

If so this program can help! It doesn’t matter how stiff you are now, this program is not designed for advanced yoga practitioners, it’s for everyday people like you and me who just want to regain lost mobility.

Fewer Injuries

Do you play sport? Are you passionate about running, cycling or football. The number one reason people stop doing the activities that they love is because they get hurt and lose momentum.

When your body is mis-aligned and you have tight muscles and poor movement patterns, you are more prone to injury.

What you need is targeted flexibility training to correct imbalances and increase your range of motion. This program will do just that.

Improved Posture

Do you work at a desk all day? Sitting hunched up over a screen, head and shoulders rounded forwards barely moving throughout the day and not doing any stretching to balance this out.

In just 15 minutes per day, this program will help to free up your locked up hips and tight hamstrings reducing lower back and knee pain. It will improve your posture and reverse tech neck and give you back mobility in your shoulders.

Reduced Stress

Throughout this program we target the nervous system through a specific breathing pattern that helps to down-regulate the nervous system, meaning it helps you to move from a stressed-out, tense nervous system into one that is content to rest and relax.

Improved Sleep

The stretching and breathing combined throughout this program help to relieve muscle cramps and stress leaving us in a much better position to have a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Improved Quality of Life

When we are stiff as a board simple activities begin to feel difficult and even painful. Like sitting for long periods of time during travel, getting up and down from the floor, lifting children into car seats, or climbing in and out of your lorry. With an increased range of motion, your body will begin to feel youthful again and daily tasks are done with ease.

The stretching routines are science based and offer modifications for all levels. 

Q.1 I am really stiff, can I do this program? 

Yes, absolutely.  This program is not designed for advanced yoga students, it’s for people like you and me who just wish to regain lost mobility. 


Q.2 Do I have to do the sessions at a specific time each day?

Nope, this program is designed to suit YOUR schedule.  All the content is pre-recorded so you do it at the time of day that best suits you. 


Q.3 What if I need additional help?

There will be 3 live Q&A sessions with myself throughout the program where you can ask me questions. 

You can also instant message me on Instagram and WhatsApp throughout the 21 days and I will reply to you asap. 


Q.4 Does this actually work?

Yes.  These practices are science based and deliver results in a relatively short period of time.  I have used them and benefited from them many times in my life.


Shirlí became a certified yoga instructor in 2012 through a traditional ashram in India.

In 2013 she was in an RTA that resulted in multiple injuries, the most significant a traumatic brain injury and a break in the C5 vertebrae in her neck.




This accident became her catalyst for seeking and trying all types of healing modalities.  She proceeded to continue her education both in Ireland and the UK and holds certificates in prenatal, childrens, athletes and aqua yoga.

She has studied and practiced mindfulness and meditation extensively spending time in ashrams, monasteries and meditation centres in India, Thailand and Ireland.

She is a YogaBody certified breathing coach and has participated in workshops with Patrick McKeown, author of The Oxygen Advantage.

Her passion for physical and mental health is evident in her teachings and she leaves her audiences feeling inspired and motivated.

This Lady Shirlí has been a shining ✨️ light in my life, coaching & teaching yoga whether its on zoom, the beach or a class, it’s given me energy, time to think about my mindfulness & being kind to myself .

Her personality shines through in her love ❤️ for coaching & enjoying the class always providing different variations on poses so can try or do them .Would highly recommend Vitality Vibe & Shirlí’s yoga “

– Linda Nulty, FB review


Email: shirli@vitalityvibe.ie

Phone: +353 873737108