Rachy Sinnamon

Outdoor Adventure Specialist

My name is Rachy (Rachel). I’ve been working in the outdoors full time for a few years now and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. My aim is to share outdoor experiences with you. Wild Mountain Flow formed with the vision of “giving back”. I’ve gained a lot from the outdoors and feel others can too.

Take the opportunity to throw yourself into an adventure. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to. The word “adventure” conjures up endless possibilities. And it doesn’t have to be some epic Himalayan Expedition. It can be as simple as trying something completely different, going into new surroundings or pushing out of your perceived comfort zone.

The benefits are many: the physical challenge, empowerment, confidence, learning new skills, developing new knowledge, self sufficiency, environmental awareness, environmental respect, self respect, unique memories, mental health benefits, gain headspace, get some respite, develop resilience and a positive mental attitude, establish new friendships, bond with your group…I could go on.

Everyone’s motivation and journey in the outdoors is highly personal. I offer people experiences and adventures to inspire and encourage their outdoor journey – to find their connection with their environment, nature and themselves.

Working with such a strong, unique team in Vitality Vibe is inspiring and I can’t wait to see what amazing experiences we can create to bring adventure and wellness into people’s lives. Exciting times ahead!

Visit: wildmountainflow.com
Call: +44 7984 545109