Bake, Walk, Breathe, Eat Mini-Retreat

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When: Saturday 16th March

Time: 10:30am – 1:00pm

Where: Yellow Rock Sanctuary, 6 Tapny Road, Lislea, Newry, BT359FB

A morning to connect with Yourself, to Nature and to Community

  • Our mini-retreat will include learning to bake a fermented rye/spelt loaf
  • A walking meditation through the newly planted forest
  • Seated breathwork indoors overlooking the mountains
  • Communal lunch 

Benefits of this mini-retreat

  • Time for yourself, for self care 
  • Learn a new skill that will improve your health
  • Release stress, overwhelm and fatigue
  • Have fun connecting with others
  • Rebalance your nervous system through nature therapy
  • Bring home delicious, nutritious bread

Is Modern Day Bread Even Food?

It’s not and here’s why

Bread is not what it once was. The bread-making process has changed. And it has changed so significantly that a baker from the late nineteenth century would not recognise the industrial bread we eat today as ‘bread’ —better to call it a bread-like substance.

Bread went from four basic ingredients to now over a dozen. Why? To make bread production fast, cheap and convenient.

The bread most of us eat has lost most of its nutrients, including fibre. It’s now just simple starch, quickly turning into blood sugar in our bodies. And without high-quality fibre, it can’t nourish our gut properly.

What to do? How to get good bread? How to choose better?.

Bake your bread at home with good-quality ingredients or buy from a local specialist bakery you trust. In this mini-retreat we will teach you how to make your own bread with only 4 quality, immune boosting, gut friendly, ingredients and you get to take your own loaf home to enjoy with family.

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How this session can help you

Reduced Stress

When we don't provide a Yin to our Yang - Slow to our Busy - Quiet to our Noise - our nervous system gets out of balance and we experience stress and overwhelm.

This mini retreat will give you an opportunity to spend time slowing down.

Social Interaction

Join a Community of like minded individuals, increase your awareness and expand your consciousness and knowledge.

A wealth of evidence shows humans share the fundamental need to interact with others to contribute to their wellbeing.

Improved Quality of Life

The great things of this world are meant for you…

However, you must make a decision for the greatness to become your experience. You must choose time out and commit to the process of change.


Our mini-retreat will be held at the Yellow Rock Sanctuary just outside Newry, Co.Down.

Yellow Rock is a beautiful, peaceful retreat centre where you go back to the essentials – being surrounded by Nature, finding meaning and letting go of the unnecessary.  

Our morning will begin with resident cook, Mathilda, where she will explain the benefits of fermented bread, the ingredients we will use and we will begin the process of preparing our ingredients. 

Following this we will take a silent walking meditation through the gardens and newly planted woodlands that surround the centre, breathing in fresh air and allowing Mother Nature to do her thing of rebalancing our nervous system.

Back inside to a cosy space for breathwork and gentle movement and then we will finish our morning by sharing a wholesome, healthy, vegetarian lunch together as we chat, connect and make new friends. 

This mini-retreat is an invitation to reconnect with yourself, with the rhythms of Nature while learning how to lead a balanced, healthy & fulfilling life. 


Shirlí is your host for this mini-retreat and invites you to her chosen venue, Yellow Rock Sanctuary where resident chef Mathilda will guide us through the bread making process and provide a delicious, wholesome, healthy lunch.

Both Shirlí and Mathilda are passionate about health, wellness, alternative living and going back to basics!

Shirlí Muldoon Mallon

Yoga teacher, Wellness Coach

Shirlí has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and has extensive knowledge in functional movement, stress management, mindfulness, nutrition, meditation and breathwork.

Her passion to help others comes from her own healing journey following a severe car accident that resulted in years of recovery from a brain injury and broken spine. 

She will infuse your day with fun & positivity! 


Medicinal Chef, Horticulturist

Originally from France, Mathilda visited the Yellow Rock Sanctuary as a volunteer in their organic garden. 

When her contract was finished she left to continue her travels but within weeks she phoned Pat to see if she could return!  She had fallen in love with all the things that make this retreat centre so special – the connection with nature, the opportunity to reconnect with herself and to live a balanced, healthy & fulfilling life.

Our Venue

Yellow Rock Sanctuary, Lislea, Newry

Yellow Rock Sanctuary is a place where you go back to the essential. Surrounded by Nature, finding meaning, letting go of the unnecessary and creating what you want your life to be.

An invitation to reconnect with yourself and the rythms of Nature. While learning how to lead balanced, healthy & fulfilling life.

What My Clients Say…

“I have attended a few of Sharli’s events I find them very helpful & informative. Shirli is a breath of fresh air. I’d highly recommend her events”

“Shirli is a truly special teacher. Her knowledge extends way beyond yoga into nutrition and overall well being, She inspires confidence and trust, always with a smile. Her workshops and classes are fun and enlightening. As a speaker she is authentic and confident . I trust her completely and would highly recommend her.”

My Google Reviews

Niall gorham
Niall gorham
Shirli took on a group from PTSB and I can only describe the overall experience as phenomenal. The benefits were felt from day 1 of the 6 week program. The sessions were both fun and beneficial. Every participant raved about it and were all in better form from day 1. Cannot recommend Shirli any higher than saying we will be all reconnecting for a further program. 10 out of 10.
aoiffe infinity
aoiffe infinity
Thank you so much Shirli for the classes at HITtheWALL 2022. All Swimmers left the classes with more knowledge of how to maintain injury free when swimming longer distances, swimmers just felt so relaxed and energised for the swims over the weekend. You are very attentive and intuitive teacher, great at adapts every pose to work for every swimmer in the room. I just really love the way (and the what) you teach can’t wait to have you at HITtheWALL 2023. Thank you - classes were just perfect. 😘
Robert keogh
Robert keogh
What a fabulous day I had with Shirli and her wonderful mom. Treat yourself to a few hours in their company and you won’t regret a minute of it. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Can’t wait to see y’all again soon 🙏🌀🫶💚🧘
Mary McCann
Mary McCann
Having been accustomed to live yoga classes I never imagined it any other way. Along came lockdown and Zoom yoga classes were a lifeline both for the yoga content and the banter with Shirli and the group. Then Vitality Vibe arrived and I thought initially that it wouldn’t be for me. I doubted my own motivation to use the site and if I did it would be a “robotic” process! But, knowing I could cancel at any time, I took up membership and joined a whole new world....... Yoga classes recorded from live classes (some of which I had attended) so nothing “robotic” about them. Shirli’s teaching is so natural and easy to follow, with options for all abilities and the banter is still there! The options for doing my practice are varied. I can choose the length of time I want to spend and choose the areas I want to work on (all clearly laid out). I also like to walk and I have used the site for short (18 mins) sessions to loosen up before a long hill walk. Yoga, with all its options, is only a part of what is available from Vitality Vibe. There’s an entire medical cabinet waiting to be discovered.
Jo Winifred
Jo Winifred
Shirli is an amazing teacher. She comes across as genuine,caring, and interested in your well being. Because she is. I would not hesitate to reccomend her for any class. New website is wonderful.🙏🙌🤗
Patricia Mc Parland
Patricia Mc Parland
Shirli is a truly special teacher. Her knowledge extends way beyond yoga into nutrition and overall well being, She inspires confidence and trust, always with a smile. Her workshops and classes are fun and enlightening. As a speaker she is authentic and confident . I trust her completely and would highly recommend her. Dr Patricia McParland, Positive Living Network, Newry
Sarah McCann
Sarah McCann
Shirli is a fab yoga instructor...down to earth, funny & inspiring all at the same time 😊 her beach yoga sessions are one of my summer highlights each year☀️
Donna Kenwright
Donna Kenwright
Love shirli's classes, best yoga teacher around. She always makes you feel so comfortable. Beach yoga is my favourite. So relaxing with the noise of the water and the birds.

Bake, Walk, Breathe, Eat Mini-Retreat

Saturday 16th March

Yellow Rock Sanctuary, Lislea, Newry, Co.Down

10:30am – 1:00pm

Investment €40

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