Beach Yoga is Back!

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When: Monday 1st May @ 10am – 11am
Where: Priest’s beach, Blackrock, Co.Louth

Top Benefits:

  • Fresh sea air
  • Proximity to nature & it’s healing touch
  • Gentle movements to feel better in your body
  • Stress & anxiety relief
  • Social connection with like minded people
  • Cuddles with Chunk!

What the sessions look like:

  • We always begin with breathwork to slow down the mind
  • The stretches we perform are selected according to the specific needs of the group in attendance
  • I offer lots of modifications
  • We conclude with a mindfulness exercise or meditation
  • More often than not, people bring tea & buns for chats afterwards

The days & times of beach yoga vary - join the WhatsApp broadcast

I absolutely love Ireland, but our unpredictable weather means our beach yoga sessions vary from week to week so the best way to stay informed is to join my WhatsApp broadcast. 

A broadcast works similar to a group, the only difference is you receive ONLY my messages and not the responses from others in the group.

In order to receive the broadcasts you MUST save my number to your phone +353873737108.

To join, use the button below.

Beach yoga sessions will run from May to September 2023.


How Beach yoga helps . . 

Reverse Aging

Do you feel that your body is aging too fast? Do you suffer from tight hips, a stiff neck, a painful lower back, or restricted shoulder movements? 

Regular stretching can help you regain lost mobility so you feel less locked up in your body, movement becomes easier and you just feel better!

Social Connection

There is a huge social element to our sessions on the beach. It's easier to strike up conversation as people chat about the weather, the sounds of the waves etc.

Whether it is a morning sunshine session or a night-time full moon session people tend to hang back afterwards with a picnic and have the craic!

Improved Posture

Do you work at a desk all day? Sitting hunched up over a screen, head and shoulders rounded forwards or do you feel your posture has suffered due to poor daily habits?

In our sessions I teach you how to reverse common issues such as tech neck, lower back pain and tight shoulders.

Reduced Stress

In all our beach yoga sessions I always teach breathing techniques to down regulate your nervous system. Meaning to bring it out of the fight/flight response and back to a place of rest, relaxation and calm.

The breath is the fastest way we can help the nervous system to move from stressed-out and tense to content and relaxed.

Improved Sleep

When we release tension and stiffness from our muscles it has a positive effect on our nervous system.

As the tension is released, the nervous system begins to relax. When the nervous system is relaxed, the mind begins to relax. This then places us into a down regulated state ideal for sleep!

Improved Quality of Life

When we are stiff as a board simple activities begin to feel difficult and even painful. Like sitting for long periods of time during travel, getting up and down from the floor, lifting children into car seats, or climbing in and out of your lorry. With an increased range of motion, your body will begin to feel youthful again and daily tasks are done with ease.


I have been practicing yoga since 2009 and qualified as a teacher  in 2012.  I had a serious car accident in 2013 where I suffered a brain haemorrhage and broke C5 in my neck.  This accident and my subsequent recovery was my catalyst for seeking and learning all types of healing modalities. 

I have a deep interest in all things connected to our well-being and a keen interest in stress management, brain health, sleep and fertility support. 

I am qualified in many forms of yoga along with mindfulness, meditation, stress management and I am a certified Breath coach.

I teach online through zoom, I run workshops monthly and retreats 2-3 times per year. I’m easy to find on social media @vitalityvibe. I would love to see you in class some day and I hope my experience and knowledge helps you advance toward your mind-body fitness goals.

What My Clients Say…

“Thank you so much Shirli for the classes at HITtheWALL 2022. All Swimmers left the classes with more knowledge of how to maintain injury free when swimming longer distances, swimmers just felt so relaxed and energised for the swims over the weekend. You are very attentive and intuitive teacher, great at adapting every pose to work for every swimmer in the room. I just really love the way (and the what) you teach can’t wait to have you at HITtheWALL 2023. Thank you – classes were just perfect”

“Love Shirli’s yoga classes, she’s a very attentive teacher, no matter how many attend the class your looked after really well. She has the ability to help each student accomplish their best in class in the safest way. And unlike some other yoga classes I have attended, there’s a fun element to Shirli’s classes so by the end of your session you know you have accomplished a good work out, ended with a deep relaxation and smile on your face!”

“Shirli is a truly special teacher. Her knowledge extends way beyond yoga into nutrition and overall well being, She inspires confidence and trust, always with a smile. Her workshops and classes are fun and enlightening. As a speaker she is authentic and confident . I trust her completely and would highly recommend her.”

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Beach Yoga May - September 2023

Beach Yoga Sessions 2023

Weekly from May – September

days & times vary

Join the broadcast list to stay updated

Investment €10 per class

or €80 for a 10 class pass

Use your pass as and when suits throughout the summer

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