Morning Yoga Series – Begin your day with ease

We begin this practice by sitting in stillness. Quite often when we get out of bed we hit the ground running! This practice encourages you to take a moment at the start of your day to gain clarity and focus.

We waken up the core, stretch out the back, hamstrings, side body and shoulders.

Morning Yoga Series – Hips

In this morning session we begin by standing bringing full awareness to mind and body & setting our intention for our day.

Our focus throughout the practice is on the hips and we finish with a short breath meditation.

Morning Yoga Series – Hamstrings

This session is perfect for those days when you don’t feel like sitting still in breath work or meditation!

We skip the breathwork at the start of this session and get straight into movement focusing on the hamstrings throughout the practice! We also skip meditation at the end!

Morning Yoga Series – Slowly Does it!

This class can really be done at any time of the day but it slowly warms up the joints which makes it ideal for first thing in the morning.

We begin seated for the first 8 minutes warming up the shoulders, hips & spine. Then we move to hands & knees stretching out the legs, ankles & wrists. Finishing with downward dog and a standing intention.

Evening Yoga Series 7 – restorative by the wall

All the exercises in this session are really restorative and are done against a wall. A cushion would be handy for underneath your head, a dog is optional! This is a wonderful way to rejuvenate your legs if you have been standing all day or done a long run.