Saturday 10th September, 8.00pm – 9:30pm
Priests Beach, Blackrock, County Louth

I have been celebrating the full moon on Blackrock beach for several years now and every single time the energy is pure magic! 💫

The event always attracts like minded individuals and is an opportunity for old friends to spend time together and also to acquaint with new ones.

😮‍💨 Our evening will begin with a breathing practice to help us to become fully present, to drop out of our heads and into our hearts.


🧘‍♂️ Followed by gentle movement with Moon Salutations to clear stagnant energy.  Modifications are given so everyone can do their own version! 


🎶 We will chant (or you can just listen) Sa Re Sa Sa for 11 minutes to bring clarity and intuition.  The energy channeled in the mantra is centered around manifestation.


✍️ Following our chant we will take some time to write down what it is we would like to manifest into our lives.


🙏 Our evening will conclude with a guided meditation around a camp fire where we can burn our written intentions.

🚗 Regarding parking, please do not park on the road as it is quite narrow and blocks the flow of traffic. Please park in Centra carpark or along the main street.
✍️ Please bring pen and paper to write down what it is you are calling into your life.
🔥 Please wear warm clothing and/or bring a blanket or anything else that creates coziness. Bring a cushion to sit on if you suffer with back pain or discomfort.
🧺 Feel free to pack a picnic as most of us will hang about afterwards to bathe in the moonlight and catch up with friends.
Questions? Get in touch +353 873737108


Phone: 00353 873737108

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