Full Moon Celebration June 2024

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When: Saturday 22nd June @ 8:00am – 9:15pm
Where: Priest’s Beach, Blackrock, Co.Louth

Top Benefits:

  • An opportunity to rejuvenate your spirit and reconnect with yourself and the natural world
  • Peace away from your daily routine
  • Connection with like minded people/find your tribe
  • Proximity to nature and it’s healing touch
  • Memorable moments with friends old and new
  • Releasing all you no longer need to carry
  • Setting clear intentions for your future

Here’s what the celebration looks like:

  • Grounding meditation
  • Mindful movement practice
  • Intention setting
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Closing ritual


  • Sea swim/dip – optional at your own discretion.  High tide is at 8pm so if you wish to dip in the sea after the event bring your swimmers. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: the event organisers are not responsible for your safety in the water.  If you decide to swim YOU are accountable for your safety.  We cannot be held liable as the swim is not part of our event. 

Full Moon Yoga & Fire Ceremony

Countdown Expired!
So often we sleep walk through our lives instead of savouring the beauty of each and every moment.

This event offers you the opportunity to slow down and make a connection to your higher self, to nature, to Community and to the healing powers of the Full Moon and Fire. 

As the moon reaches its fullest potential, its energy intensifies, and so does ours. Our emotions may amplify, and our desires become clearer. This heightened energetic state opens up a window of opportunity for us to manifest our deepest intentions and aspirations.

Fire is a transformational element. It provides a way for you to honour your lessons and release old belief structures by turning them over to Spirit, thus enabling you to heal your soul deeply.


Connect to the healing power of nature


Shirlí is the founder of Vitality Vibe and loves to create wellness, healing events to offer to her Community.

She often invites other wellness professionals to join her in creating these magical events.  For this Full Moon Yoga & Fire Ceremony, Becky and Rían will look after you from start to finish as Shirlí is currently on maternity leave. 


Yoga & Breath Coach

Shirlí has been teaching yoga for over 12 years and has extensive knowledge in functional movement, stress management and breathing techniques to soothe the nervous system. 

She has a unique ability to cater for everyone in the room regardless of experience or limitations. 


Fire Keeper

Fire keepers have been trained to work with sacred Fire in a way that transforms peoples’ relationships with themselves, their communities and the mysteries of the natural world. 

Rían facilitates these emotional and spiritual connections and will give you the opportunity to release what no longer serves you to the fire.

Our Venue

Priest's Beach, Blackrock

The Priest’s beach is a small, secluded beach across from the church in Blackrock, Co.Louth.  It has a lovely private feel to it and is quite sheltered. 

The village of Blackrock has a real sea-side holiday vibe and there are lots of wonderful cafe’s and shops to explore while here. 

Parking in the carpark below Centra is advised and there is a walkway from there to the beach.

What My Clients Say…

“Love Shirli’s yoga classes, she’s a very attentive teacher, no matter how many attend the class your looked after really well. She has the ability to help each student accomplish their best in class in the safest way. And unlike some other yoga classes I have attended, there’s a fun element to Shirli’s classes so by the end of your session you know you have accomplished a good work out, ended with a deep relaxation and smile on your face!”


“Shirli is a truly special teacher. Her knowledge extends way beyond yoga into nutrition and overall well being, She inspires confidence and trust, always with a smile. Her workshops and classes are fun and enlightening. As a speaker she is authentic and confident . I trust her completely and would highly recommend her.”

My Google Reviews

Niall gorham
Niall gorham
Shirli took on a group from PTSB and I can only describe the overall experience as phenomenal. The benefits were felt from day 1 of the 6 week program. The sessions were both fun and beneficial. Every participant raved about it and were all in better form from day 1. Cannot recommend Shirli any higher than saying we will be all reconnecting for a further program. 10 out of 10.
aoiffe infinity
aoiffe infinity
Thank you so much Shirli for the classes at HITtheWALL 2022. All Swimmers left the classes with more knowledge of how to maintain injury free when swimming longer distances, swimmers just felt so relaxed and energised for the swims over the weekend. You are very attentive and intuitive teacher, great at adapts every pose to work for every swimmer in the room. I just really love the way (and the what) you teach can’t wait to have you at HITtheWALL 2023. Thank you - classes were just perfect. 😘
Robert keogh
Robert keogh
What a fabulous day I had with Shirli and her wonderful mom. Treat yourself to a few hours in their company and you won’t regret a minute of it. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Can’t wait to see y’all again soon 🙏🌀🫶💚🧘
Mary McCann
Mary McCann
Having been accustomed to live yoga classes I never imagined it any other way. Along came lockdown and Zoom yoga classes were a lifeline both for the yoga content and the banter with Shirli and the group. Then Vitality Vibe arrived and I thought initially that it wouldn’t be for me. I doubted my own motivation to use the site and if I did it would be a “robotic” process! But, knowing I could cancel at any time, I took up membership and joined a whole new world....... Yoga classes recorded from live classes (some of which I had attended) so nothing “robotic” about them. Shirli’s teaching is so natural and easy to follow, with options for all abilities and the banter is still there! The options for doing my practice are varied. I can choose the length of time I want to spend and choose the areas I want to work on (all clearly laid out). I also like to walk and I have used the site for short (18 mins) sessions to loosen up before a long hill walk. Yoga, with all its options, is only a part of what is available from Vitality Vibe. There’s an entire medical cabinet waiting to be discovered.
Jo Winifred
Jo Winifred
Shirli is an amazing teacher. She comes across as genuine,caring, and interested in your well being. Because she is. I would not hesitate to reccomend her for any class. New website is wonderful.🙏🙌🤗
Patricia Mc Parland
Patricia Mc Parland
Shirli is a truly special teacher. Her knowledge extends way beyond yoga into nutrition and overall well being, She inspires confidence and trust, always with a smile. Her workshops and classes are fun and enlightening. As a speaker she is authentic and confident . I trust her completely and would highly recommend her. Dr Patricia McParland, Positive Living Network, Newry
Sarah McCann
Sarah McCann
Shirli is a fab yoga instructor...down to earth, funny & inspiring all at the same time 😊 her beach yoga sessions are one of my summer highlights each year☀️
Donna Kenwright
Donna Kenwright
Love shirli's classes, best yoga teacher around. She always makes you feel so comfortable. Beach yoga is my favourite. So relaxing with the noise of the water and the birds.

Full Moon Yoga & Fire Ceremony

Full Moon Celebration

Saturday 22nd June

Priests Beach, Blackrock, Co.Louth 8:00pm – 9:15pm

Suitable for all abilities

Investment €20

Cash payment on the day – No Booking Required

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