Wednesday 7th December 2022, 6.30pm – 7:30pm
Online – Zoom 

Are you feeling like you have to prepare your body to enjoy the rest and family holidays? And when it’s over January thoughts revolve around ‘I’ve been bad’ and “I need to make up for it”. Have you ever thought about the impact this has on your health?

Feeling guilty for feeling hungry or eating is like feeling guilty for breathing.

We have been taught to be ashamed of our basic human needs. It is thought that between 50-75% of women struggle with a disordered relationship with food. Restricting food isn’t working! Are you tired of feeling at war with your own body?

Can you imagine yourself in a world where you are no longer feeling guilt about what you eat?

💜Where you feel more joy

💜Where the diet doesn’t start again on Monday

💜Where there is no binge eating or obsessing over food

💜Where you have no more dieting rules

💜Where you step into a whole new way of thinking

👉When we work on ourselves and heal our relationship with food, then we can get to a place of freedom. 

Join Shirli and Denise for a FREE webinar where they will:

✨ Unpack the concept of intuitive eating

✨ Chat about diet culture and the feelings of guilt & punishment after eating

✨ Take a quick 4 question quiz to see if you are caught up in food rules

✨ Learn how to break the cycle of emotional eating

✨ Start your New Year with a new approach. A principle of ‘Honour your hunger, Honour your health’

To secure your place, bookings can be made through:

Eventbrite on the button below.

We are both passionate about working with women and supporting them to build a productive, positive relationship with food and with themselves. 

Q.1 How do I attend?

Simply register via the Eventbrite link and you will be given the Zoom meeting details.  Then you just log in from the comfort of your own home. 


Q.2 Is there a cost for this webinar?

Nope.  It is 100% free.  I’ve been wanting to interview Denise for some time so we decided to do a live interactive interview by inviting you all to join us!


Q.3 Can I ask questions?

Absolutely!  That is the advantage of attending a live webinar, you get to chat with your hosts in real time and ask any questions you may have. 


Q.4 Is this a diet plan?

No.  Denise will explain the concept of intuitive eating but in a nut shell it’s about making peace with food, honouring your hunger, respecting your body and ditching the diet mentality. 


Q.5 Will there be a recording of this webinar?

Yes.  If you cannot make it on the day we will share a recording afterwards, just be sure to register your spot so we have your email address to forward the recording. 



Shirlí became a certified yoga instructor in 2012 through a traditional ashram in India.

In 2013 she was in an RTA that resulted in multiple injuries, the most significant a traumatic brain injury and a break in the C5 vertebrae in her neck.




This accident became her catalyst for seeking and trying all types of healing modalities.  She proceeded to continue her education both in Ireland and the UK and holds certificates in prenatal, childrens, athletes and aqua yoga.

She has studied and practiced mindfulness and meditation extensively spending time in ashrams, monasteries and meditation centres in India, Thailand and Ireland.

She is a YogaBody certified breathing coach and has participated in workshops with Patrick McKeown, author of The Oxygen Advantage.

Her passion for physical and mental health is evident in her teachings and she leaves her audiences feeling inspired and motivated.

Denise Wogan is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, Professional Life Coach and Registered Nutritional Therapist.

She is passionate about working with women supporting them to build a productive relationship with food, unlearning harmful beliefs so they become confident and happy eaters.

Denise understands that changing health behaviour is not as easy as a 6 week plan. This is why she adopts a non-diet, weight inclusive approach in her practice; carefully educating and coaching behavioural changes, introducing concepts from intuitive eating, mindset coaching, transactional analysis, CBT, breath work, body image coaching and mindfulness.


You can learn more from Denise on and on Instagram/Facebook: @foodeenutrition

“After years of gut and bowel issues a friend recommended I have a chat with Denise . 
Within 5 minutes of meeting Denise I knew she was someone who was going to help me… 
Denise helped me change my relationship firstly with myself and then with food. Denise was amazing and I haven’t felt this well in years. 
I would highly recommend Denise as a nutritional therapist she has changed my life . Thank you Denise.”




Phone: 00353 873737108

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