Unwind from your day and get a great night’s sleep

Flexibility gains
Nervous system balance
Improved sleep
No complicated yoga poses


I created this program to help you unwind from your day and set you up for a great night’s sleep! All the lessons are around 30 minutes so it won’t take up too much of your evening.  All you need is a little motivation and a yoga mat.

My intention for this program is to help you to release accumulated stress from your nervous system and tension from your physical body so when you go to bed, you drop into deep, restful sleep.

We need to be in a more parasympathetic nervous system state in the evenings in order to help us to unwind and fall asleep peacefully.  The lessons in this program are designed to do just that, through gentle movement and breathing techniques. 

The bonus lesson is just a little gift from me to you!  It’s a short restorative yoga session that is lovely and soothing. 



We begin with alternate nostril breathing to balance the left & right hemispheres of
the brain.
We then release tension from the hips, shoulders, neck, and spine.
Finishing by surrendering tension from every muscle and joint through a guided



This practice is designed for someone who has been sitting in a chair all day!
We work on releasing all the muscles at the front of the body that tends to become
short and tight from hours of sitting.
We finish with 8 minutes of relaxation to release all the built-up tension from your



In this session we begin in standing poses working on releasing the shoulders,
twisting out the spine and stretching out the hamstrings.
Then we move into releasing the quads & the hip flexors in our lunges finishing up in
child’s pose to release the hips and low back.
It’s an all round practice targeting all the major muscle groups throughout the whole
body in just 22 minutes!



We begin this session with an 8 minute shavasana (a relaxing pose performed lying
down!) Ideal for evenings when you are feeling exhausted.
Remaining on the back we stretch out the side body and the shoulders. Moving into
bridge pose to work on the spine & quadriceps, finishing with a gentle inversion and
another shavasana.



In this session we focus mainly on the hips and the glutes (the large muscles of your
bum!). When these areas are tight you are more likely to experience lower back
We conclude with a 5 minute guided relaxation.



In this session we focus mainly on the neck and shoulders.
We begin with conscious breathing utilising the exhale to soften & release tension
from each area of the body.
We take time to rest in complete stillness, dropping down from the active mind and
into the physical body that we can so often become disconnected from.
Then we move into our physical practice working on the neck & shoulders and finish
up with a guided relaxation.



 Restorative Yoga
Everyone loves a little bonus! So I’ve included a Restorative Yoga session into this program for FREE.
All the exercises in this session are really restorative and are done against a wall. A cushion would be handy for underneath your head, a dog is optional!
This is the perfect session to do after a long ass day when you’re wrecked, your legs are tired and there is not much left in the tank.
It will really rejuvenate your legs so great if you’ve been standing all day or if you’ve done a big run.


Evening Yoga Program

This will help you unwind from your day and prepare you for a great night’s sleep! All the lessons are around 30 minutes so it won’t take up too much of your evening. All you need is a little motivation and a yoga mat.

Evening Yoga Program
Unwind from your day and sleep like a baby!

Flexibility gains
Deep relaxation
Stress release
Nervous system balance
Improved sleep
A healthy way to unwind from your day



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