The Breath Series

New to Yoga? This is the series for you!

Learn at a Gentle pace
  Learn yoga breathing
  Learn how to relax
No complicated yoga poses

The Breath Series

I created this 6 week program to share my love of yoga with complete beginners. Each lesson takes 40 minutes to complete and we work on breathing, movement and relaxation.

Each week we focus on a different area of the body. My suggestion is to begin with week 1 and practice that video lesson 3 times throughout the first week. Then on your second week practice lesson 2, 3 times throughout the week and so on.

But you can of course do all 6 lessons in one week and then repeat the ones you want to focus on most, for example hips or shoulders. Or you can do all 6 lessons each week for as many weeks as you wish!

In my experience you will see results if you practice a minimum of 3 times per week. You have as much freedom as you wish. Mix and match or go week by week

Week 1 - Spine

I run through how to sit and breathe in a yoga class. Sounds really simple but trust me on this!

We also look at increasing the mobility of the spine and stretching out the low back. Both of which will help to alleviate back pain.

Week 2 - Hips

In this episode we focus on creating mobility in the hips. When we free up the hips, it can help to alleviate low back tension and discomfort.  

We begin with abdominal breathing and finish with relaxation.

Week 3 - Hamstrings

We will focus on lengthening the hamstrings – you will need a yoga strap or belt of your dressing gown to lasso the foot.

We begin with a breathing technique to calm the nervous system and conclude with a relaxing body scan.

Week 4 - Shoulders

We will focus on creating more mobility in the shoulders – you will need a yoga strap or the belt of your dressing gown or a tie.

We begin with a breathing technique to calm the nervous system and conclude with a relaxing body scan.

Week 5 - Sun Salutations

Think of these as the holy grail of yoga!

When you learn these you will feel confident walking into any yoga class. If group yoga is not your thing then this is the only practice you need to perform at home to keep your body supple and happy!


Week 6 - Sun Salutations 2

In this video we continue to learn the sun salutations.  

We begin with abdominal breathing, I break down the start and the end of the sun salutation sequence and conclude with a body scan relaxation.

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