Get your day off to the best possible start! 

  Learn at a gentle pace
✓  Improve flexibility
✓  Greater focus throughout your day
  Balance your nervous system
No complicated yoga poses


This program consists of 10 classes, varying in duration from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. Perfect to slip in at the start of your day!

I put this program together for two reasons:

  1. After sleeping all night the body becomes stiff and tight and a little movement can leave you feeling incredible for the rest of the day.
  2. I feel it is so important to set a clear intention for your day before the events of your day set it for you! So first thing, we decide who we wish to be in the world, what version of us will show up and how we wish to react to the day’s events.
My intention behind creating this program is to INSPIRE you to develop a daily practice.  To FEEL the benefits of gently moving your body and connecting to your inner self. 

Lesson 1

Free up your back and your hamstrings

Free up your back and your hamstrings
In this 20 minute practice we begin in stillness focusing on the breath.
Then we stretch out the back – upper, lower and both sides. We then
move into the hamstrings and finish by setting our intention for our day

Lesson 2

Wake up the Energetic Body

This routine takes less than 10 minutes! They are a great set of
exercises to do first thing in the morning. They are quick and effective
and work the whole body – physically and energetically.

Lesson 3

9 minutes and you’re done!

This is a super quick morning yoga routine that you can
squeeze in before you run out the door to work/school run/wherever you need
to go

Lesson 4

Head to Toe

This 18 minute practice will work your whole body from your
head to your toes and leave you feeling amazing for the rest of the day!

Lesson 5

10 minute Morning Meditation

In this 10 minute morning meditation, we breathe in what we need for the day ahead
and breathe out what we no longer need. Perfect whether you are a beginner
or advanced student.

Lesson 6

Get grounded, get moving & get on with your day!

A slightly longer video at 35 minutes. Our focus throughout the practice is on
the hips and we finish with a short breath meditation

Lesson 7

Happy hamstrings

This 23-minute session is perfect for those days when you don’t feel like sitting still in
breath work or meditation! Some days sitting still with our thoughts and feelings is
just not that appealing!
So we skip all and get straight into movement focusing on the hamstrings throughout
the practice!

Lesson 8

Slowly does it!

This 20 minute practice is ideal first thing in the morning as we begin seated and slowly and gently warming up the large joints in the body. We work on hips, shoulders, legs, ankles & wrists. Finishing by stretching out the spine and legs in downward dog and set our intention for our day ahead.

Lesson 9

Begin your day with ease!

We begin this 25 minute practice by sitting in stillness. Quite often we
get out of bed and hit the ground running! This practice encourages you
to take a moment at the start of your day to gain clarity and focus.

Lesson 10

Balance your nervous system

We begin this 10-minute breathing technique with 10 rounds of 4×4
controlled breathing which has a balancing effect on the nervous system.
We drop our awareness inwards and set an intention of for our day.


Morning Yoga Program

This program consists of 10 classes, varying in duration from 10 minutes to 40 minutes.  Perfect to slip in at the start of your day!

Morning Yoga Program
Get your day off to the best possible start!

Flexibility gains
Greater focus & clarity
Stress release
Nervous system balance
✔ Improved mood
Respond to your day, rather than react



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  • Practice at your own pace
  • Lifetime access

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