Do you work at a desk all day? This program is your antidote!

Reverse ‘tech neck’
  Reduce back & shoulder pain
  Relieve tight hips & hamstrings
  Do it all in your chair


This whole program is done sitting in a chair, ideal for taking a mini break at your desk!  All the sessions are short and sweet taking no longer than 15 minutes and concentrate on training areas of the body where desk workers stand to derive the most benefit.

My mission is to empower office workers with practical tools – incorporating movement, breath techniques and mindfulness  – to support their wellbeing, reduce stress and feel more at ease in their bodies.

I prioritise relieving tension in muscles that get short and tight when we sit and regaining mobility of the joints. 

Before I became a yoga teacher I too sat for 8+ hours per day.  At the time I was also competing in triathlon so between sitting all day and training hard when I wasn’t sitting, my body became very stiff!  The good news is our muscles are very pliable and with a little consistency we can quickly begin to feel big improvements.

Lesson 1 - Hips & Hamstrings

When we sit for extended periods throughout the day our hamstrings
tend to become short and tight and we begin to lose range of motion in
our hips. This sequence will cure all that!

Lesson 2 - Spine

The yogis say ‘You are only as young as your spine!’
To keep your spine healthy we want to move it through all 4 ranges of
motion – lateral extension, flexion, extension and axial rotation. We
cover all these ranges of motion in this short, sweet sequence.

Lesson 3 - Neck & Shoulders

When we work at a desk we tend to spend most of the day with our neck
and shoulders rounding forwards. This leaves the muscles at the front of
the neck short and tight and the muscles at the back weak and
In this sequence we counteract this forward slouching and the problems
associated with it.

Lesson 4 - Wrists & Ankles

The wrists and ankles are not really an area we think of stretching but
when we spend our days typing the wrists & forearms can become quite
stiff as do the ankles from sitting constantly in dorsiflexion.

Lesson 5 - Eyes

We don’t often think about stretching or strengthening our eyes! But when we work
at a computer all day we place a lot of stress on the eyes so it’s definitely worth
looking after them. In this session we learn how to relax the eye muscles and also
how to strengthen them.
I also suggest you invest in some blue light blocking glasses or a blue light blocking

Lesson 6 - Meditation

This session is a combination of breathwork and meditation and is great
for when you are feeling frazzled or before you go into a meeting and
you need to focus. It will balance your nervous system, helping to bring
you up if you’re feeling down and bring you down if you’re feeling hyper


Office Chair Program

This whole program is done sitting in a chair, ideal for taking a mini break at your desk! All the sessions are short and sweet taking no longer than 15 minutes.

Office Chair Series
Do you work at a desk all day?

Reverse ‘tech neck’
Stress release
Flexibility gains
Reduce neck & shoulder pain
Improve hamstring & hip mobility
Reduce eye strain



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