Retreat to the Sea – Healing through Sea & Sound

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When: Saturday 22nd July @ 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Where: Carlingford village

Top Benefits:

  • Peace away from your daily routine
  • Re-energise and empowerment
  • Proximity to nature and it’s healing touch
  • Memorable moments with friends old and new
  • Better mental clarity & focus
  • Access to professional guidance
  • Enhanced mood & overall quality of life

Here’s what the day looks like:

  • Gentle yoga flow outdoors looking out to sea
  • Guided breathwork for stress release
  • A dip in the sea to revitalise your soul
  • The option to face your fears with pier jumping!
  • Chats & banter over a homemade nutritious meal
  • Total relaxation through sound therapy
  • Meditation & Intention setting

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This retreat is a really relaxed, fun day out where you can unwind from your daily routine, connect with like minded people, eat great food al fresco and learn self care techniques that you can implement at home.

This month, July, we have the lovely Ola Dobra joining us to provide the soundbath – she will play her gongs, drums, chanti chimes & other musical instruments as you rest, wrapped up in your cosy blanket absorbing the healing sounds. 

How this session can help you

Reduced Stress

We cannot underestimate the impact of stress on absolutely every system of the body - cardiovascular, reproductive, digestive, nervous - the list goes on.

Research has shown that just 20 minutes in nature can significantly reduce your levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and immersing the body in cold water boosts dopamine (feel good hormone) levels.

Social Interaction

Social interaction can lighten your mood and make you feel happier. It lower's your risk of dementia, promotes a sense of safety, belonging and security. And it allows you to confide in others and let them confide in you.

A wealth of evidence shows humans share the fundamental need to interact with others to contribute to our wellbeing.

Improved Quality of Life

Taking time out from your daily routine to recharge very often drained batteries has an impact not only on our physical health but our mental and emotional wellbeing too.

This impacts and improves our relationships with others - you cannot pour from an empty cup, taking care of yourself ultimately takes care of the people you love the most.


Shirlí and Jenn dreamed up this monthly event to inspire you to take time out in nature, to disconnect from your busy, demanding life and reconnect with a sense of peace and harmony. 

The dip in the sea awakens the child within, pier jumping gives you a huge sense of achievement, enjoying nourishing food el fresco with like minded souls fulfils our need for social interaction and the soundbath heals your energetic body on a cellular level.


Shirlí and Jenn collaborate to bring you this magical outdoor experience.  They change up the venue, the menu and the vibe each month. 

Shirlí Muldoon Mallon

Yoga & Breath Coach

Shirlí has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and has extensive knowledge in functional movement, stress management and breathing techniques to soothe the nervous system.  She will infuse your with fun and positivity. 

Jenn Fitzgerald

Nutritionist & Life Coach

Jennifer is a holistic life coach, nutritionist (she will be making our delicious wholesome brunch) and a lifeguard and swimming instructor so she will keep you also keep you safe during your dip in the sea and hold your hand while pier jumping!

Our Venue

Carlingford Village

Carlingford is a village on the Cooley Peninsula, between the waters of Carlingford Lough and the mountain of Slieve Foye, in the northeast of Ireland. It’s known for its oyster farms, medieval buildings and 12th-century King John’s Castle.

What My Clients Say…

“Love Shirli’s yoga classes, she’s a very attentive teacher, no matter how many attend the class your looked after really well. She has the ability to help each student accomplish their best in class in the safest way. And unlike some other yoga classes I have attended, there’s a fun element to Shirli’s classes so by the end of your session you know you have accomplished a good work out, ended with a deep relaxation and smile on your face!”


“Shirli is a truly special teacher. Her knowledge extends way beyond yoga into nutrition and overall well being, She inspires confidence and trust, always with a smile. Her workshops and classes are fun and enlightening. As a speaker she is authentic and confident . I trust her completely and would highly recommend her.”

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Retreat to the Sea

Retreat to the Sea

Saturday 22nd July

Carlingford Sailing Club, 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Suitable for all abilities (under 18’s to be accompanied by an adult)

Investment €60

Book Now & take the time to take care of You!

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