This practice is super gentle and ideal for days when you’re feeling overwhelmed and you need a little nurturing. We begin with a particular breathing technique designed to soothe the nervous system, the yoga poses are performed lying down and we finish with a guided, body scan mindfulness technique to slow down an overthinking mind.

“Love starts within. You must love yourself first before you can give it away to others.”

Inside the Vitality Vibe video library you can enjoy similar classes from 5-60 mins long in your time, at your pace. We are a passionate team of experts in areas such as yoga, pilates, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition.

Vitality Vibe is 100% Irish and was created by Shirlí Muldoon, a yoga instructor and wellness coach. Shirlí had a serious car accident almost 10 years ago which altered the course of her life and inside Vitality Vibe she openly and honestly shares all of the knowledge she has gained during her 10 year recovery.

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