Live Class Thursday 13th July 2023

In this session, I was asked to do something to ‘ground’ the mind and wake up a tired, sleepy body! We begin with a balancing breathing practice followed by a breathing practice to wake us up! Then we flow through sun salutations that really work on opening the shoulders and upper back. We finish by […]

Live Class Tuesday 11th July 2023

In this session we work on : – hip flexors – IT band – glutes – quadriceps You will need a yoga block or cushion and a yoga strap or the belt from your dressing gown. We finish with a lovely cooling, calming breathing pattern of inhaling through an ‘O’ mouth and exhaling through the […]

Live Class Thursday 6th July 2023

In this session we work on : – lengthening the hip flexors – strengthening the glutes We begin with a balancing 5×5 breathing technique before moving into our hip flexor stretches and a sun salutation flow. Finishing up with setting our intention for the day.

Live Class Tuesday 4th July 2023

In this class we begin by grounding ourselves, noticing our breathing pattern and opening our hearts to receive and to release. We move through sun salutations that include Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior and Extended side angle. We finish this session with some dynamic breath work to create a pattern interrupt in our energetic […]

Live Class Tuesday 27th June 2023

In this session I was asked to work on the following: – shoulders – upper back – monkey mind We begin with a couple of dynamic breathing practices before moving into our Sun Salutations which have a focus on the shoulders and upper back. We finish up with an anxiety relieving breath and mudra practice.

Live Class Tuesday 20th June 2023

This is a gentle Yin inspired practice. It would be handy to have a yoga block or cushion for a couple of the postures. We finish with chanting Om to stimulate the vagus nerve at the throat. (it’s difficult to hear the ‘m’ part of the Om when I’m chanting as it’s more of an […]

Live Class Thursday 15th June 2023

In this morning practice I was asked to include something to make us feel grounded and stretches to open the chest. So we begin by engaging our 5 senses and practicing a breath focused mudra. We flow through our Sun Salutations which focus on opening the chest and finish with a standing body scan as […]

Live Class Tuesday 13th June 2023

In this session we begin with vagus nerve stimulation to help build up our resilience to stress. We then focus on the hips and core before moving through a our Sun Salutations which also have a focus on hips and core. Finishing with a mudra breath meditation.

Live Class Thursday 8th June 2023

We start with ego eradicator breath for 3 minutes. Then practice a 15 minute sun salutation flow and finish with setting our intention for the day.