Yin Yoga – to relieve tight Hips

Yin yoga can be an excellent tool for relieving tight hips.
Tight hips create movement dysfunctions that stress the lower back and the knees.
During this Yin Yoga practice, postures will be held anywhere from two to five minutes allowing us to target the fascia surrounding the hip joints.

This is when the magic happens! By releasing the fascia we begin to create greater range of motion in the joint.

Yin Yoga – Neck & Shoulders

In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, there are 5 elements: fire, earth, wood, water, and metal. Autumn is the season of the metal element and the Lungs and Large intestine are the organs associated with this element.

So in this session we will target the physical meridian lines connected to the lungs and large intestine – mainly the neck, shoulders and upper back. We will also investigate the emotional aspects of Autumn, releasing and letting go through breath work and journaling.

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