Live Class Thursday 31st August 2023

The requests I received for this class were to stretch the upper and lower back and to open up the chest area. We begin by setting our intention for the day based on the full moon energy and finish with alternative nostril visualisation.

Live Class Tuesday 29th August 2023

The requests for this class were to work on digestion & elimination and to stretch out the glutes. It is a Yin style session where we hold the postures for longer and move slowly throughout.

Live Class Thursday 24th August 2023

The requests I received for this session were to include something to improve focus, concentration and to make one feel grounded. We begin with a 5-3-5 breathing pattern. This gives the mind something to focus on and helps us to slow down an overthinking ‘monkey mind’ Then we flow through sun salutations where we incorporate […]

Live Class Tuesday 22nd August 2023

This is a Yin style session and we focus on the : – upper back – legs We finish with a guided meditation that encourages us to release pain/suffering from the body and mind.

Live Class Thursday 17th August 2023

In this morning session we focus on opening up the hips, hamstrings, lower back, and neck. We flow through sun salutations focusing on the above areas and we finish seated with neck stretches, TMJ mobilisation, vagus nerve stimulation and breath of fire to wake up the mind .

Live Class Tuesday 15th August 2023

In this session I was asked to help with : – eyes – neck – anxiety We begin with a breathing practice to stimulate the meridian lines in the armpits to alleviate anxiety. We work the muscles of the eyes, stretch out the neck and shoulders and finish with 3 Om’s.

Live Class Thursday 27th July 2023

In this session, we focus on: – hamstrings – calf muscles We begin by checking in with the body and noticing how we feel on a physical and emotional level. We practice 5×5 breathing to set up our breathing pattern for the day. We loosen the hamstrings and then make our way into our sun […]

Live Class Tuesday 25th July 2023

In this session we focus on the hips and opening the front chain of the body to undo the damage of sitting all day. We begin with a breathing technique where we break up our inhale into 7 sniffs and one long exhale. We finish with some TMJ (jaw ) releasing techniques which are great […]

Live Class Thursday 20th July 2023

We begin this practice with alternate nostril breathing to bring balance to the mind. We focus on chest opening exercises while flowing through our sun salutations.

Live Class Tuesday 18th July 2023

We focus on hips and core in this session. We begin with alternate nostril breathing and finish with a relaxing 10 minute body scan.