Aisling Halpenny

Pilates Instructor

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher, Pilates teacher and am also qualified as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor.

I love movement and I love stillness.

I have always had an interest in fitness and well-being, which led to my study of Psychology, Human Services and Community Development whilst also practicing yoga and playing sports. This has led me to understand my real passion, which is Well-Being.

I believe we achieve well-being in our lives by cultivating balance.

Balance between the physical body, the mind and our deeper spiritual essence. Balance between our External Reality and our Internal Reality. Balance between Effort and Rest. Balance between Solitude and Community. Each of us is unique and so each of us must work on creating and cultivating that balance of well-being in our lives. Focusing exclusively on one to the detriment of the others will not create that balance which I believe is at the core of well-being.

I am so excited to be involved with Vitality Vibe which really offers support in cultivating that balance and creating well-being in our lives. It is such a pleasure to be involved with such a positive and uplifting project. I wish you well on your journey of well-being.

May you cultivate Balance, may you experience Joy, may you be Well.

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