Lisa Kennedy

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Coach

Lisa is a dedicated teacher with 20 years experience of sharing body awareness, breath awareness and present moment awareness practices. She offers well-being programmes for individuals or groups in Yoga, Calm birth, mindfulness meditation and Forest bathing experiences in Ireland/ worldwide.

Forest Bathing or Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese concept and is simply the practice of immersing yourself in nature and the forest.

The forest is a retreat from the ‘have’ and ‘do’ world and constant electronic pressures.  The nature of the forest – its visual green, rawness and essential oils have real researched health benefits.  It provides immense stress relief, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, boosts the immune system, accelerates recovery and improves feelings of happiness and creativity.

Forest bathing isn’t just a walk in the forest, it’s a slow intentional journey to engage all our our senses.

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