Yoga & Tea in the Tipi

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Where: My home, Camlough

Top Benefits:

  • An opportunity to slow down and reconnect
  • Proximity to nature and it’s healing touch
  • Re-energise and empowerment
  • Learn about the healing benefits of the 5 elements
  • Discover which element YOUR body most needs
  • Find peace & balance 
  • Access to professional guidance
  • Enhanced mood & overall quality of life

Here’s what the day looks like:

  • Guided breath work to ground the body & settle the mind
  • Muscle testing to discover the element most relevant to you
  • Gentle yoga flow outdoors in the grass
  • Tea ceremony inside the tipi
  • Guided meditation focusing on your element & emotional needs
  • Option of 15 minute consultation with Helen for remedies

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This half day retreat will be an intimate affair with a maximum of 12 participants

Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with your true essence and hear your inner wisdom. 

To teach you about the benefits of connecting with the 5 elements so you heal on an emotional and soulful level.

How this session can help you

Reduced Stress

This magical day will offer you a chance to slow down, to disconnect from the busy pace of life and release accumulated stress and tension.

Combining their skills of yoga and kinesiology Shirli & Helen will guide you through this half day retreat of yoga, meditation, breath work, kinesiology & tea ceremony.

Social Interaction

Social interaction can lighten your mood and make you feel happier. A wealth of evidence shows humans share the fundamental need to interact with others to contribute to our wellbeing.

This half day retreat is an opportunity to connect with like minded individuals and learn a new set of skills to help you navigate the world and your emotions.

Improved Quality of Life

Taking time out from your daily routine to recharge very often drained batteries has an impact not only on our physical health but our mental and emotional wellbeing too.

This impacts and improves our relationships with others - you cannot pour from an empty cup, taking care of yourself ultimately takes care of the people you love the most.

Our day includes:

  • Yoga
  • Breath work
  • Meditation
  • Kinesiology
  • FREE GIFT - online full moon ceremony with Helen


Shirlí has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and has extensive knowledge in functional movement, stress management and breathing techniques to soothe the nervous system.  She will infuse your  yoga and breathing session with fun and positivity. 

 About Helen:

Helen is a qualified kinesiologist with an emphasis on helping people to break free from emotional, spiritual, mental and physical blockages to joyfully access their power within and live the life they truly desire.

To learn more visit :

What My Clients Say…

“Love Shirli’s yoga classes, she’s a very attentive teacher, no matter how many attend the class your looked after really well. She has the ability to help each student accomplish their best in class in the safest way. And unlike some other yoga classes I have attended, there’s a fun element to Shirli’s classes so by the end of your session you know you have accomplished a good work out, ended with a deep relaxation and smile on your face!”


“Shirli is a truly special teacher. Her knowledge extends way beyond yoga into nutrition and overall well being, She inspires confidence and trust, always with a smile. Her workshops and classes are fun and enlightening. As a speaker she is authentic and confident . I trust her completely and would highly recommend her.”

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Yoga & Tea in the Tipi

Yoga & Tea in the Tipi

Saturday 10th June

Camlough, Co.Down 10:00am – 12:30pm

Suitable for all abilities

Investment Early Bird €45

Free Bonus Gift!  Full Moon Online Ceremony with Helen

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